Tim Brook media arts

Tim Brook

Traces d’un Passage

Cévenol planes

To Australian eyes, the hills of the Cévennes have a certain picture-book quality. The scenery seems to have been constructed as a collage of cut paper sheets. Planes overlap planes, each plane partially revealing and partially obscuring the planes behind.

In Cévenol towns, the overlapping planes of the roofs produce the same effect. Arches and narrow walkways cut through the Medieval walls. There is always an enticing glimpse of a plane beyond.

Everywhere in the Cévennes there is evidence of a long and complex history:

Layers of history like geological strata are worn away to reveal hints of the layers below.


Je remercie les gentils Cévenols qui nous ont aidés avec l’esprit généreux de la région: Françoise, Hélène, Lucette, Michel, Mélanie Arnal, Isabelle Collumeau, Gilles Dugas, Adrienne Lautric, Bernard Lautric, Phillippe Pibarot, David Plumb, Manuel Poulain, Bénédicte Schilliro, Albin Tzaut, Térésa Tsaut et Susan Walley.

Photographs first exhibited in Traces d’un Passage
la Genette, 30440 St Roman de Codière, France
October 2006