Ruth Hingston

Embroidery by Ruth Hingston



Ruth Hingston 2016
The Rise
embroidery on linen 21cm × 32cm
Ruth Hingston 1995
Gimlets and Saltbush
Hand embroidery, cotton, velvet, silk (detail)
Ruth Hingston 2015
Housewives Protest City Water
Embroidery on linen
Ruth Hingston 2015
Land 4 sale @ farm gate
Ruth Hingston 2011
Growing Canberra: day and night
embroidery (detail)
Ruth Hingston 1992
Block print, appliqué, beads, embroidery (detail)
Ruth Hingston 1995
Corrugated Iron 1
rust-dyed canvas, sequins, beads, nails, bolts, recycled wood
 Ruth Hingston 1995
Salt Lakes and Mines
Embroidery on cotton velveteen, silk, glass beads (detail)
Embroidery by Ruth Hingston 2017
Frosty Morning, Hospital Creek
Orihon: embroidery on silk 10cm × 66.5cm × 3cm
Ruth Hingston 2016
Mapping Bunnilong
Hand embroidery on linen (detail)
 Ruth Hingston 2012
Round the Lake
embroidery (detail)
Ruth Hingston 2004
A Payre of Bodies
Detail from a mixed media work with embroidered surfaces, first shown in ‘Body Parts’ at the ANCA gallery 2004
Ruth Hingston 2007
collage in mixed media first show in ‘Vivid’ at the Huw Davies Gallery
photograph by Tim Brook
Nije Crna
Early stages of the work in progress
photograph by Anka Gardašević
Nije Crna
Embroidered fabric with photographic projections, first shown at FLU Cetinje, Montenegro 2007
photograph Tim Brook 1998
Embroidering the Interior
work in progress
Ruth Hingston 1999
Embroidering The Interior
detail from an installation at the Canberra Museum and Gallery
Ruth Hingston 2012
Dividing the farm
embroidery commissioned by Professors Cathy Griffiths and David Hawking
Ruth Hingston 2010
Growing Gunghalin
from the collection of Mrs Pam Moore
Ruth Hingston 1996
Ruth Hingston 1995
Kanowna Claims
Cotton, silk, linen, beads 39cm × 37cm
Ruth Hingston 2013
Deb's House
embroidery 14cmx14cm, cotton, wool and silk on wool commissioned by Ms Deb Schelberger
Ruth Hingston 1994
Waistcoat front
Ruth Hingston 2016
Easter Bunny
detail from Mapping Bunnilong
Ruth Hingston 2016
The White Rabbit
detail from Mapping Bunnilong