Documenting work by other artists



Jenni Kemarre Martiniello 2014
Large Flax Eel Trap
glass sculpture 29cm x 90cm x 29cm
Peter Nilsson 2016
Glass chandelier (detail)
Peter Nilsson 2015
On the screen: small
hand-carved glass 15cm × 5cm × 9cm
Peter Nilsson 2015
Hand-carved laminated glass
Jenni Kemarre Martiniello 2015
Dillibag №22
glass sculpture 25cm × 35cm × 9cm
 Stephen Barrass and Nadège Des
Glass of Coolth
Glass and phase-change salts 18cm × 34cm × 25cm
Debra Jurss 2015
Micro №12
Hot formed, cold worked glass (detail)
Peter Nilsson 2015
Tiger snake
Hand carved glass (detail)
Robin Guningbal circa 1975
bark painting (detail)
Jenni Kemarre Martiniello 2014
Dillibag №7
glass sculpture (detail)
Ampersand Duck 2013
Turned Over
installed work (detail)
Jenni Kemarre Martinello 2013
Biyaligee: Seed Coolamon
glass sculpture (detail)
Fujiko Nakaya 1976
Fog sculpture
Sculpture garden at the National Gallery
Ruth Hingston 2011
Growing Canberra: day and night
embroidery (detail)
Jenni Kemarre Martiniello 2015
Dillibag №19
glass sculpture (detail)
Jenni Kemarre Martiniello 2015
Small Bush Flowers Bicornual Basket
Glass sculpture (detail)
Fashion 2002
wearable art (detail)
by Dadang Christanto 2004
Heads from the North
memorial sculpture at the National Gallery
Ruth Hingston 1995
Salt Lakes and Mines
embroidery (detail)
Jenni Kemmarre Martiniello 2015
Glass panel (detail)
tapestry by Catherine K 1998
tapestry (detail)
Jenni Kemarre Martiniello 2013
Fish trap
Glass sculpture (detail)
by Ralph Moore 2001
gouach on paper
Annie Trevillian 2013
Parallel Universes
printed fabric
choreographer Meg Millband 2008
Enduring Intimacy
Adelina Larsson, dancer, at the National Gallery
by Robyn Mico 1985
hand made in leather
by Ruth Hingston 2012
Chooks in a basket
hand knitted wool
bronze sculpture by Robert Stack
On the Beach Again
Image projected onto the wall of the National Gallery in 2008
sculpture by Catherine K 1998
Precious News
box and folded paper
Peter Nilsson 2014
Glass sculpture 42cm x 33cm x 10cm
Ruth Hingston 2008
Look Inside
low relief in mixed media (detail) first shown in ‘Interior-Exterior’ at the CraftACT gallery
Peter Nilsson 2014
Kelp 1
hand-carved laminated glass (detail)