Tim Brook


A gravestone in Kanowna, WA A salt lake in Salmon Gums, WA
Analog dissolves

Sequences of analog slide dissolves can only be simulated on a computer screen. This may be reasonably effective in a very large movie file; only rough approximations can be achieved over the internet.

Digital sequences

Sometimes photographs can be used in an onscreen piece, such as Fragments. Sometimes they can be used in works that are made to be shown on a digital projector, such as Enduring Intimacy. In most cases the way to see a photograph properly is to view it on a screen using an old-fashioned slide projector or a high quality modern HD monitor. Only then is it possible to see the full range of colours and tones that give life to an image.

Single photographs

Almost all my photographs were intended as ingredients in multimedia works in which the transition between images is more important than the images themselves. Nevertheless, a few of them are able to stand as single images on a projection screen. Some of the photographs of corrugated iron fences fall into this category; so do the photographs of Haefliger Cottage, one or two landscapes and a few assorted close-ups.