Documenting the work of textile artists

Tim Brook


Ruth Hingston 2004
A Payre of Bodies Detail from a mixed media work with embroidered surfaces, first shown in ‘Body Parts’ at the ANCA gallery 2004
Work by Hingstonbrook
Fashion 2002 wearable art (detail)
Ruth Hingston 1995
Corrugated Iron 1 rust-dyed canvas, sequins, beads, nails, bolts, recycled wood
tapestry by Catherine K 1998
untitled tapestry (detail)
Ruth Hingston 1992
Block print, appliqué, beads, embroidery (detail)
Ruth Hingston 1999
Embroidering The Interior detail from an installation at the Canberra Museum and Gallery
Ruth Hingston 1994
Annie Trevillian 2013
Parallel Universes printed fabric
choreographer Meg Millband 2008
Enduring Intimacy Adelina Larsson, dancer, at the National Gallery
sculpture by Catherine K 1998
Precious News box and folded paper
by Robyn Mico 1985
handbag hand made in leather
by Ruth Hingston 2012
Chooks in a basket hand knitted wool