Small Change

Small Change

Small Change is a Canberra-based group of visual artists, sound artists, wordsmiths and multimedia artists. Members of the group volunteer their time and artistic skills to enhance the cultural life of Canberra and the surrounding regions. For example, Small Change organised events in the Canberra Festival in 1999 and 2000.

Members of the group not only contribute to events organised by Small Change but also cooperate in their individual art practices. This has resulted in many joint works, joint exhibitions and joint performances.

A few examples of early collaboration

In 2011 three Small Change artists collaborated in making a digital animation, Untitled Moments, using drawing, photography, embroidery and sound.

In 2010 two Small Change artists collaborated in making a digital video, Noise, using video and sound recorded in Garema Place.

In 2008 three Small Change artists collaborated in the production of a multimedia installation Nije Crna based on their experiences in Montenegro and their researches into Canberra’s second language.

In 2001–03 three Small Change artists collaborated in their preparations for works shown at the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery—new works about the old Hill End site. The works were later incorporated or documented in an audio-visual piece, Works in Progress, which was screened at the gallery in 2004.

Active artists

Over the years, many artists have contributed to Small Change events. These have included—

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