Small Change — a concert of visual music


Beware Dogs Bite:
of Miners, Boulders, Kalhooligans and Other Pattern Makers

An audio-visual work by Tim Brook and Arne Hanna

Dogs Bite

The sign
on the gate
of the house
next door to the
Goldfields Arts Centre
Kalgoorlie WA

When you hear yourself saying there’s nothing here,
slow down—that’s when you know there’s something new to see.

Tim Brook, Kalgoorlie WA
A house in Kalgoorlie

This work was first screened at the Goldfields Arts Centre in Kalgoorlie WA in 1994.

One viewer’s response

The passage of time
solarised by memory
flares meaning.

The mystery of surfaces; the strangeness of objects.

What is the difference really between what is made
what is found and what is left behind?
The skin of things shed, shredded, shattered
scattered and winnowed and laved
And only the glitter left, a
raft of glare and dazzle
drift rudderless across the retina.
There are certain compensations
in tricks of the light.

Michèle Morgan1, Sydney NSW
March 1999

The music

The sonic component of this work can be thought of as the noise that the piece makes and, in league with Tim’s stark images, proposes the view that beauty and sparseness are not mutually exclusive. The recurring signature is the sound of an anvil being struck with a hammer; this has been manipulated using a time-stretching algorithm.

Arne Hanna2, Canberra ACT

The images

Formally, the piece is about pattern, shape and 2-dimensional composition. By juxtaposition and isolation, it also makes comments about the relationship between people and their environment in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia.

This is a piece in which the transitions beween the images is more important than the images themselves.

Tim Brook, Canberra ACT
Trees in the goldfields of WA