Hill End residency  2001-02

Haefliger Cottage Hingstonbrook H H b b

bed end - Haefliger Cottage, Hill End 2002

The residency

The Hill End Artist in Residence Program at Haefliger Cottage is run jointly by Bathurst Regional Art Gallery and the NSW Department of Environment & Heritage. In 2001, the program received funding from the NSW Ministry for The Arts.

The Hill End town site is administered by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.


Alison Bennett and Hanut Dodd in Hill End and Alex Torrens at BRAG offered invaluable advice and help.

Betty Jeffree and the other residents of Hill End were remarkably considerate and generous neighbours. The memory of devonshire tea at Rose Cottage is a pleasure that will always be with us.

Ruth and Tim  2002
garden gate - Haefliger Cottage, Hill End 2002