Works in Progress  2005

Tim Brook and Arne Hanna

Works in Progress

a slide-tape sequence, 14 min
by Tim Brook and Arne Hanna
after works by Ruth Hingston

Haefliger Cottage, Hill End NSW

Works in Progress is work and meta-work.


As a work, Works in Progress is a journey through a cottage—a journey of the imagination. It is an affectionate, personal, biased viewing of a constructed space. Residents and visitors have added layers of myths and meanings to this space over many decades. Partial reflections confront us with both the harmonies and the contradictions in the meanings.

Arne’s sound track evokes the quiet calm and the strange tension of living in this space, of living with the harmonies and the contradictions.

Specifically, Works in Progress describes Haefliger Cottage in Hill End, NSW; more generally, it invites us to question how our arrangement of interior spaces reflects our attitudes or our prejudices about the spaces and the people outside. Perhaps we reveal our stories most clearly when we mark the spaces we live in.


As a meta-work, Works in Progress describes the works of the visual artist Ruth Hingston. The visual elements in Works in Progress are taken from her sources, her observations, her work in progress and the final body of work, Warped Walls, which she exhibited in Bathurst in 2003. Works in Progress is a non-linear description. It attempts to capture some of the intense particularity, the generalisations, the small steps, the giant leaps, the disciplined preparation and the unexpected connections that are involved in making a piece.