Works in Progress  2005

Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

Works in Progress

An artist’s talk at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery and screenings of Works in Progress, a slide-tape sequence by Tim Brook and Arne Hanna after works by Ruth Hingston.


11 am–12.30 pm Saturday 15 October 2005

Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, Keppel Street, Bathurst NSW
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Bathurst Regional Art Gallery
70–78 Kepple Street
Bathurst NSW

A reflection on Haefliger Cottage

The work

Works in Progress is one result of a Hill End residency—a description of the residency—a description where nothing is spelt out. A slowly evolving sequence of still images, rich and alluring, invites you to make connections and imagine your own stories. It offers hints about some of the things an artist does to arrive at a body of new work.

and others.