A reflection on Haefliger's Cottage №1

Tim Brook

Hill End artist in residence, Haefliger Cottage, 2001–02

Perhaps reflecting his background in pure mathematics and logic, Brook approached the subject of Hill End through a highly ordered and rigorous intellectual process.

He sought to examine and reveal the elusive forces that construct our experience of Hill End, proposing the notion that Hill End is in many regards a fiction, a result of story telling at local, institutional and theoretical levels, all faithful—none true.

He found a satisfying metaphor in the reflection and distortion of the aged rippled glass of Haefliger Cottage perhaps reflecting the idea that our experience of the site is mediated through a number of distorting yet invisible structures or lenses, the conventions of romantic ruins and heritage. His complex and multi-layered images simultaneously depict both the cottage interiors and landscapes around the cottage, reflecting the complexity he found.

Since 1981, Brook’s artistic practice has primarily focused on multimedia works, dissolving sequences of images in conjunction with soundscapes. These images also form part of the slide-tape piece Works in Progress that combines images of Hill End with images from the works of the visual artist Ruth Hingston.