Notes on Colour

Selected links

Selected links

Colour theory

  1. Adobe Adobe color, [visited 16/09/2019].

    Unacountably, this site uses the traditional false complementaries at the same time as referring RGB hex codes for colours!

  2. Farrell Colour Representation [visited 29/09/2019].

    A useful summary.

  3. Lacroix, C 2006 Rouge Bibliotèque nationale de France, [visited 12/06/2006].

    A colourful history, beautifully illustrated.

  4. Poynton, C 1997 Frequently asked questions about color [visited 25/07/2006].

    If you want scientific details, this is the place to start—clear and accurate.

  5. Vuylsteker, P 2004 Computer Graphics: Colour
    ANU, Canberra, ACT [visited 26/04/2006].

    A website with an emphasis on colour in computer science.


  1. Quinion, M. 1996 The Colour of Words [visited 8/07/2006].

    A beautifully worded website about English words.

  2. The US government Plain Language Guidelines [visited 16/09/2019].

    Web programmimg

  1. ECMA ECMAscript language specification [visited 15/09/2019]
  2. Fry, B., Reas, C. et al. 2005– Processing [visited 16/07/2007].

    The IDE used to produce the Java applets for the original version of these webpages.

  3. McCarthy, L. et al. 2015– p5.js [visited 26/12/2017].

    p5.js is the JavaScript library that enabled the reworking of earlier Java applets to become the JavaScript canvas illustrations on this website.

  4. PHP Group 2001–2019 PHP [visited 16/09/2019].