Notes on Colour

a game for two players


If you press any of the coloured buttons, it will change the colours in the picture. A players uses these buttons to alter the picture and then challenge their opponent to return the picture to its correct colours.

The rules

  1. Toss a coin to decide who goes first.
  2. Start with correct colours in the picture. (If necessary, use the browser’s Reload button.)
  3. When it’s your turn,
    1. Press two of the coloured buttons, one after the other.
    2. Tell your opponent clearly and honestly which buttons you pressed and in which order. For example, you might say “K then RC”.
    3. Give the mouse to your opponent.
    4. Your opponent must return the return the picture to its correct colours using only the coloured buttons.
    5. You score one point each time they press a button.
  4. The winner is the first player to score 25 points.