Line Work

Tuggeranong Arts Centre
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Tuggeranong Arts Centre
137 Reed Street
Greenway ACT

Line Work

an exhibition of works by Caren Florance at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre , including Bad Keys, code art works made in collaboration with Tim Brook


6 pm Thursday 4 July 2019


10am–6pm Monday–Friday & 10am–4pm Saturday

A screen capture from a code art work
Line Work by Caren (screen grab from Bad Keys)

Bad Keys

Bad Keys is a code art work by Tim Brook in collaboration with Caren Florance. It is presented in two parts: a digital video loop and an interactive installation.

Each sequence in the digital video traces the path on a qwerty keyboard made by the fingers of an incel as he types a hateful comment about a woman. The list of insults was compiled by Caren Florance from live posts she found on the Web.

The interactive component allows viewers uncensored access to a keyboard that produces no text; instead, each keystroke adds to a slowly-fading path on the screen.

Bad Keys (in use)
Bad Keys interactive installation at TAC
Line Work (poor impulse control) (detail)
Line Work (poor impulse control) (detail) Caren Florance 2019