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ANCA Gallery
1 Rosevear Place
Dickson ACT


A group exhibition in the 2019 Design Canberra festival, including Bad Keys, a code art work by Tim Brook and Caren Florance


12.30 pm Saturday 9 November 2019


12 pm–5 pm Wednesday–Sunday

Subvert and convert the online hurt

Bad Keys builds on Florance’s research into online misogyny and trolling. This work uses systems of communication to explore ways to subvert and convert the hurt that we often carry around with us after encountering insults and verbal attacks online.

Abstraction is the main strategy: words morph into webs of lines that simultaneously disconnect and connect. This is unloading, not downloading.

A screen capture from a code art work
From Bad Keys

Bad Keys

Bad Keys is a code art work by Tim Brook and Caren Florance. It is presented in two parts: a digital video loop and an interactive installation.

Each sequence in the digital video traces the path on a qwerty keyboard made by the fingers of an incel as he types a hateful comment about a woman. The list of insults was compiled by Caren Florance from live posts she found on the Web.

The interactive component allows viewers uncensored access to a keyboard that produces no text; instead, each keystroke adds to a slowly-fading path on the screen.


Bad Keys at ANCA
Bad Keys installed at the ANCA gallery