Ruth Hingston


Shot 1 Knit 1

Shot 1 Knit 1, a soft sculpture by Ruth Hingston Two slit windows

Photographing places far from home

The camera allows me that quick small grab at an unfamiliar or exotic detail that I know I can’t easily return to explore in a more considered drawing. A quick shot as I try to capture and grasp hold of these enticing glimpses triggers the mind’s desire to return later and gaze upon a new unfolding idea.

A window slit is not a familiar architectural feature in Australian dwellings, nor are patterned walls of hand built stonework. These tiny narrow windows are found in rural stone buildings tucked into a French rural landscape layered with centuries of conflicts.

Inside, the narrow window opens out to create a wide angular cavity in the thick stone wall. The windows are designed for defence. Wide enough to shoot an arrow out, but not easily breached from outside. The wide angular internal sill allows the archer room to manoeuvre and line up a clear shot of an intruder.

The wool and the knitting would come home with me. I would continue to knit my delight in the textural patterns of stonework and narrow windows. I would shoot needles into the wool to create a wrapping to protect a body from the Canberra cold. And the photograph remains as my true souvenir (memory) of the original moment of discovery.

The photograph shot an arrow through my knitting. Shot 1 Knit 1.

Shot 1 Knit 1, a soft sculpture by Ruth Hingston

This work was first exhibited in Shot at the ANCA gallery in 2008.