Ruth Hingston


Growing Canberra: day and night

Growing Canberra: day and night, an embroidery by Ruth Hingston

Collaborative | conceptual | eclectic | imaginative | whimsical

These five words sum up my practice, a practice embracing art, design and illustration, a practice that continues to grow and extend with each new idea, direction and creative endeavour. It is building an eclectic body of work—objects, installations, drawings, animations, costumes, illustrations, or whatever does the job.

My aim is to produce work that connects people with an idea and offers them a space in which to reflect on their own experience.

Collaborations bring new adventures. They allow artists to share perspectives, explore ideas, build concepts and generate innovative works. Stretching my imagination like this produces work that speaks on both an aesthetic and a conceptual level—always with a touch of whimsy.

Ruth Hingston

This work was first exhibited in Uncontained at the CraftACT gallery in 2011.
It is now held in a private collection.