Ruth Hingston  —  Gudgenby 2015–17

Connect with your nature

An exhibition of preparatory work by Ruth Hingston at the National Archives of Australia after a residency at The Archives

The exhibition also features a digital video by Tim Brook.


9am – 5pm daily
Friday 8 April – Saturday 14 May

Connect with your nature

An exhibition of work by Ruth Hingston at the CraftACT Gallery after a residency at the National Archives and at Gudgenby Ready-Cut Cottage


6 pm Thursday 7 April 2016


10am–5pm Tuesday–Friday and 12pm–4pm Saturday           until 

Artist’s talk

2pm Saturday 16 April 2016

National Archives
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National Archives of Australia
Queen Victoria Terrace
Parkes ACT

Craft ACT gallery
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CraftACT: Craft and Design Centre Gallery
Civic Square
Canberra ACT

Embroidery on linen
Housewives Protest City Water
Hand embroidery on linen 2015
detail from the work
Mapping Bunnilong (detail)
Hand embroidery on linen 2016
Tea towel
Fibonacci’s Rabbits
Screen print on linen 2016

The work

The work in this exhibition is the result of a residency at the National Archives of Australia and Namadgi National Park in 2015.

The residency was a truly enriching experience for me. The enticing challenge was to uncover a connection between the two places.

Two particular topics caught my attention—water and rabbits. The Archives hold the historical records of political decisions about maintaining Canberra’s water supply and records on various efforts to eradicate rabbits; in the national park, rangers work to conserve Namadgi’s environment, maintaining the water quality and managing the rabbit infestations.

New work is evolving. Now I am exploring a new track—how do culture and nature meet and change Canberra’s landscape?

Ruth 2015
Hospital Creek, Gudgenby ACT
Hospital Creek 3
Pencil and watercolour 2015
Land 4 sale @ farm gate

Ruth Hingston’s embroidered work Land 4 Sale@Farm Gate is outstanding in spite of its small size. At first glance it looks like a depiction of a decorative and idealised farm landscape but look more closely and you will see across the road from the farm is the pegged outlines of a new housing estate and hurtling along right on the edge of the frame is the forerunner of development—the truck with the cement mixer.

Ruth Hingston’s Land 4 Sale @ farm gate [is] an embroidered imagining of what goes on behind the glossy promotional signs announcing a new suburb—effortlessly Canberran, this is a canny take on the emptiness behind the advertising curtain of the new suburban dream.

visual diary from the residency
Visual Diary, Gudgenby ACT 2015