Ruth Hingston

art — design — drawing — embroidery

drawing by Ruth Hingston

Ruth Hingston is the artistic director at Hingstonbrook. She is a visual artist, a designer and an illustrator. She enjoys working with a diverse range of mixed media. Her practice is informed by a background in drawing, textiles and fashion. She enjoys exploring the tensions of paradoxical observations.

For many years Ruth’s work has explored the subtle relationships between interiors and exteriors. Her work has focussed on the complex interactions between these spaces and the perceptions of the people who live in them—on the complex interactions between landscapes, houses and daily domestic life. Ruth has made an extended study of residents’ responses to Australian gold-mining landscapes by observing their choice and construction of domestic dwellings.

Characteristically Ruth’s final art works are low relief, textured, mixed media paintings, drawings and embroidery. These works are constructed from recycled materials traditionally associated with domestic life—household linen, clothing, envelopes, cardboard boxes. She uses a wide range of techniques drawn from painting, textiles and fashion to create the final pieces.

Ruth lives in Canberra with her husband, who is a multimedia artist. They share passions for camping, the Australian inland, native bush gardens and growing vegies.