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Representative image for White City, Black Shadows

White City, Black Shadows

an exhibition in The Link at Ginninderry, including drawings and embroidery by Ruth Hingston, and photographs and videos by Tim Brook.
White City, Black Shadows (Бели Град, Црне Сенке) is a selection of works by Ruth Hingston and Tim Brook after a three-month residency in Belgrade. The title is a respectful nod to Emir Kusturica’s film Black Cat, White Cat (Црна Мачка, Бели Мачор), which is set in Belgrade.


18 May–19 June 2022

Hingstonbrook is a team of artists, designers and educators based in Canberra, ACT. They offer a wide range of design services to their clients. They also offer educational opportunities for established and emerging artists and designers.

Hingstonbrook’s founding members, Ruth Hingston and Tim Brook have collaborated in many arts events. They each maintain an independent practice. Ruth works as a visual artist, designer and illustrator; Tim works in audio-visual, phototographic and digital media.