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In collaboration

Representative image for White City, Black Shadows

White City, Black Shadows

an exhibition in The Link at Ginninderry, including drawings and embroidery by Ruth Hingston, and photographs and videos by Tim Brook


14 May–22 June 2020
Representative image for Trenuci bez naslova

Trenuci bez naslova

A screening at Galerija 42°, Cetinje, Montenegro, of a digital animation by Tim Brook, Ruth Hingston and Alistair Riddell


on Friday 27 April 2018
Representative image for Beograd


Artists in residence in Belgrade under the auspices of Kapacity.org, with assistance from the Australian embassy in Belgrade


March–May 2018
Representative image for Lucence


Screenings of a series of works by staff and graduates of the ANU School of Art, including Untitled Moments a digital animation by Tim Brook, Ruth Hingston and Alistair Riddell


on Friday 21 April 2017
Representative image for The Third Wave

The Third Wave

This exhibition celebrates 20 years of the Hill End Artists in Residence Program. It is curated by Sarah Gurich. The works are drawn entirely from Bathurst Regional Art Gallery’s permanent collection, including photography by Tim Brook and sculpture by Ruth Hingston.


1 August–28 September 2014
Representative image for Static Display

Static Display

Objects from the Canberra Fire Museum, including a collection of prints and reproductions assembled by Tim Brook and Ruth Hingston


Saturday 15 June 2013
Representative image for Observations


An exhibition of photomedia work by Tim Brook, curated by Ruth Hingston, in The Photography Room, upstairs at The Artists Shed, 14 Foster Street, Queanbeyan NSW.


3 August to 2 September 2012
Representative image for Untitled Moments

Untitled Moments

A screening at PhotoAccess, Manuka ACT, of a digital animation by Tim Brook, Ruth Hingston and Alistair Riddell

Slow, quirky and very Canberra, Untitled Moments is a digital animation based on embroidery.

Untitled Moments is a collaborative project exploring the visual impact of embroidery and photography in a digital animation. We’ve used digital technologies to combine images and sound to create narrative fragments—imagined incidents drawn from our observations of Canberra’s most unremarkable moments.

The resulting work does not attempt to mimic cartoons or conventional animations. It’s a pastiche, an idiosyncratic mixture of embroidery, drawing, watercolour, photography, scanography, digital animation, field recordings and digitally generated sounds. The final effect is sometimes contemplative, sometimes deliberately cheesy.


5–29 April 2012
Representative image for Embracing Innovation

Embracing Innovation

An exhibition at CraftACT, Canberra City ACT, including Untitled Moments, a digital animation by Tim Brook, Ruth Hingston and Alistair Riddell


31 March–7 May 2011
Representative image for Enduring Intimacy

Enduring Intimacy

Dance theatre at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra ACT


24–25 November 2008
Representative image for Nije Crna

Nije Crna

An exhibition at PhotoAccess, Griffith ACT as part of Vivid, the national photography festival, including an installation by Ruth Hingston and Tim Brook with Lea Collins


14 June–17 July 2008
Representative image for Рад у Току

Рад у Току

An installation at the Academy of Fine Art, Cetinje, Montenegro


1 November 2007
Representative image for Crna Gora

Crna Gora

Artists in Residence at the Academy of Fine Art, Cetinje, Montenegro


September–November 2007
Representative image for France


Artists in Residence at «la Genette», St Roman de Codière, France


September–October 2006
Representative image for Hill End

Hill End

Artists in Residence at Haefliger Cottage, Hill End NSW


December 2001–January 2002
Representative image for On the Line

On the Line

An exhibition of works in miscellaneous media at The Booking Office Gallery, Bungendore NSW, including photographs by Tim Brook and mixed media works by Ruth Hingston


27 May–15 July 2001