2 Chooks

The team

The two chooks, Ruth Hingston and Lucile Carson, are artists who draw, chat and drink tea together once a week. They also create individually designed objects for discerning customers.

2 Chooks knit socks, print fabric, embroider, draw…

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2 Chooks recycle materials to produce small fun objects. Their curiosity and imagination create a variety of everyday products, each with a twist of whimsy or humour—

and many more delights.

Drawing of chooks


Ruth designs and makes Snugg Stuff. This is a creative collection of tea cosies, fingerless gloves, egg cosies, collars and beanies. Snugg Stuff isn’t only fun—it’s all locally produced, low technology and low mileage. Chook cosies, for example, are hand made from recycled yarns and organic wool from the Southern Highlands of NSW.



As a fine artist, Lucile makes hand drawn cards, small sculptures, jewellery and glass pieces. She recycles wood, wires, fabrics, glass, paper and computer parts.


2 Chooks accept commissions for bespoke editions of these handmade products and other items. Interested? Go to the commission us page. Can’t find what you want? Leave a message on the contact us page.