Spam and other internet problems

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A request

There’s a list of spammers’ email addresses on this page. These are addresses of antisocial people who’ve either sent me spam or paid someone else to send me spam. This includes selfish people who think online forums and contact forms are suitable places for their advertisments.

Please tell these people that spamming is an abuse of the Internet. Don’t let them know them your real email address or they’ll probably spam you too!

What’s wrong with spam?

Spam isn’t only offensive, it also costs legitimate businesses many millions of dollars a year. All unsolicited advertising is spam. It’s corporate graffiti, which is far more intrusive than the mindless scawls we see in the streets. It serves the greed of its perpetrators at the expense of your time and effort.

Deleting spam wastes your valuable time. It wastes the expensive time of legitimate businesses who could be using it to providing you with goods or services. Organisations have to consume time, money, human ingenuity and computing resources to devise and implement anti-spam measures. Anything you do to conteract spam is a benefit to all of us.

What else can I do about spam?

Here are just a few suggestions:

What if my address is on this list?

If you’ve never sent an advertisment to somebody who didn’t request it, your email addresses has been misused (spoofed) by a spammer. Let me know and I’ll take you off the list. Please also tell me anything you know about the culprit.