Spam and other internet problems

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What is spam?

Any unwanted, unsolicited message is spam. This usually means unsolicited email messages, but it also includes advertisments inserted in online forums or other web forms.

What’s wrong with spam?

Spam isn’t only offensive, it also costs legitimate businesses many millions of dollars a year. All unsolicited advertising is spam. It’s corporate graffiti, which is far more intrusive than the mindless scawls we see in the streets. It serves the greed of its perpetrators at the expense of your time and effort.

Deleting spam wastes your valuable time. It wastes the expensive time of legitimate businesses who could be using it to providing you with goods or services. Organisations have to consume time, money, human ingenuity and computing resources to devise and implement anti-spam measures. Anything you do to conteract spam is a benefit to all of us.


A spambot is a computer program that crawls the internet finding where to send spam. There are two main types of spambot.

Email spambots

Email spambots collect email addresses from websites, blogs and web forums. The addresses are then used for bulk mailouts of spam.

Web form spambots

Web form spambots send advertisments by inserting them in contact forms, order forms, wikis, blogs and forums. For example, a Russian spambot in St Petersburg posts nonsense phrases on web forms but each posting incorporates a link to their client’s website. One spammer in New York, USA even has the gall to insert phrases like this is a one time posting and this is not spam!


Here are some IP addresses used by web form spambots to send me spam: