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The Snugg Stuff collection offers a variety of hand-knitted accessories. These are flexible fashion accessories, designed to give a splash of colour and texture to match your individual mood and style.

Every item of Snugg Stuff is—

These accessories were originally developed as new classics for Canberra’s urban lifestyle. Canberrans dress in layers to cope with widely varying temperatures through the day—from frosty morning to bright sunny noon. We aim to keep snug outdoors in transit and peel off small layers indoors to keep ourselves comfortable.

Since the introduction of accessories from the Snugg Stuff collection, people all over Australia have enjoyed their flexibility. People wear Snugg Stuff outdoors in unexpected frosts and indoors in over-airconditioned buildings. They mix and match to suite their moods and individual styles.


2 Chooks accept commissions for bespoke editions of these handmade products and other items. Interested? Go to the commission us page. Can’t find what you want? Leave a message on the contact us page.


Limited opportunities are still available for new retail outlets. If you want to stock Snugg Stuff in your shop, please use the Contact us form.

Brooch by Lucile Carson
The 2 Chooks label
All genuine Snugg Stuff is sold under the 2 Chooks label.